Financial and Compliance Expertise for Innovative Companies

The ability to adapt quickly can mean the difference between success and failure in the technology sector. The FD Technology Practice Group can assist your tech company through all phases of the business cycle with CPA services like financial planning, tax planning, audit, SOC reporting, mergers & acquisition, IPO readiness and financial structure.

Our services support technology clients at any life stage, ranging from startups to middle market companies. We offer expertise in industries including software, communications, computer-related equipment, IT services, payment processing and life sciences. Our entrepreneurial advisors are also available to aid in growth goals.

Research and Development Tax Incentives

Technology companies have many types of activities that can qualify for R&D tax incentives.

Examples of activities that may qualify include:

  • Developing new or improved technologies
  • Developing code for new software architecture or algorithms
  • Conducting requirements, domain, software elements, or scope analysis for a new functional software enhancement designed to create a competitive advantage
  • Evaluating and establishing functional specifications
  • Designing and developing the structural software architecture
  • Establishing electronic interfaces and functional relationships between various software modules
  • Programming software source code
  • Compiling and testing source code
  • Conducting unit, integration, functional, performance, and regression testing
  • Developing intranet and Internet software in which scale and complexity present technological challenges
  • Developing flexible, high-quality, and scalable rule engines to manage and automate complex business structures and models
  • Developing software to better manage customer relationships through improved collection, storage, and analysis techniques
  • Developing specialized technologies, such as artificial intelligence or voice recognition applications
  • Developing interactive software to support the delivery of multimedia entertainment, such as streaming music or video or Internet video games
  • Development of new software applications to use internally, or to interact with customers and/or vendors