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International Corporations

Addressing Challenges & Opportunities in the Global Marketplace

We serve US-based companies that do business internationally as well as foreign-based companies that operate within the U.S. We help these companies comply with local tax and accounting regulations and navigate the complexities of foreign business structure.

International services available:

  • IFRS and convergence issues
  • Accounting regulatory compliance
  • Choice of entities
  • Developing tax strategies
  • Due diligence on expansion opportunities
  • Permanent establishment rules
  • Planning and implementing export incentives
  • Planning for asset transfers between U.S. and foreign companies
  • Planning for outbound and inbound executives
  • Reporting and disclosure rules
  • Strategies for repatriating income
  • Structuring foreign sales corporations
  • Techniques for repatriation of earnings and use of foreign tax credits
  • Using income and estate tax treaties
  • Income tax treaty planning and strategies
  • Expatriate consulting
  • Inbound and outbound business start-up services
  • Foreign asset protection
  • Transfer pricing studies
  • Passive foreign investment company analysis

U.S Tax Reform: Implications for Multi-National Companies

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act contained sweeping changes which impact your tax planning starting immediately. Our experts Mike Whitacre and Justin Johnson review these changes and how they may affect your company.

International Business Expansion 

Learn the critical questions to ask before expanding your business internationally, including validation of markets and customer bases, as well as cultural differences and legal structuring.

Currency Repatriation for International Business

Understand the legal and financial responsibilities of your global treasury function. Learn how withholdings and foreign tax credits can affect your maximum available assets.