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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

What is ESG?

ESG is a set of context-based policies, practices, risks and opportunities that build resilience and help maintain long-term value when assessed against and integrated into firm strategy.

Why ESG?

For businesses of all sizes, disclosure of ESG information has evolved into a business necessity. Its evolution is in response to broad stakeholder pressure seeking decision-useful (investing, hiring, partnership, purchasing etc.) information, helping to decipher the relevance of business impacts, risks and opportunities that affect long-term viability and value.

FD ESG Advisory and Assurance Services

Choosing the right advisory firm is key for any business seeking advice on where to start an ESG journey or how to mature its efforts. In order to keep pace with the evolving landscape of ESG, highly effective ESG advisory teams are more than just ESG disclosure experts, they have varying backgrounds and experiences.

At FD, our ability to meet you where you are in your ESG journey is paramount to helping you develop a contextual and relevant ESG offering unique to your business needs and goals. Our cross-functional team includes accountants, audit and IT professionals to help ensure controls and processes are in place for managing all aspects of ESG on par with financial controls.

Together, our expertise and world-class partners allow us to deliver reliable, comparable, decision-useful, investor-grade information and data that shifts the ESG paradigm from risk mitigation to value creation.

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Non-Financial Reporting Assurance

Assurance of non-financial information by FD experts provides an additional layer of trust, accountability and reliability to your ESG disclosures. Our independent assurance reports reflect our expertise in conducting assurance and verification in accordance with relevant industry, sector or professional standards.

ESG assurance services include:

  • Adherence to global standards, frameworks, principles and internal standards or codes of conduct
  • Greenhouse gas emissions inventories
  • Data, targets, metrics and KPIs
  • Green or Social Bonds
ESG Landscape Primer
Stakeholder environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure pressures, expectations and requirements have rapidly increased over the last two decades. According to Carrot & Sticks’ interactive map, instruments exist in more than 80 countries.    In addition to the number of global reporting framework options, a lack of disclosure standardization creates challenges for producing ESG disclosures that satisfy...
Private Equity 360 | The ESG Challenge and Opportunity for Private Equity Firms
  In this episode of Private Equity 360, FD’s National Practice Leader Bob Woosley joins Paul Yett, Director of ESG and Sustainability at Hamilton Lane (NASDAQ: HLNE) and Scott Kennedy, President of Novata (www.novata.com) ,a public benefit corporation formed as a partnership of the Ford Foundation, S&P Global, Hamilton Lane and the Omidyar Network, to discuss how...

Practice Leaders

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