Franchise Organizations

Financial Expertise for Franchise Owners

Franchise owners in many ways have the best of all worlds. The business offers a strong brand name coupled with the ability to control your own destiny. But small business owners, especially those with multiple locations, face a sometimes daunting array of accounting and tax compliance complexities.

Whether you are a single unit owner or a growing regional business, the FD team of CPAs and advisors can help you keep up with requirements and make enhancements to your business by addressing such issues as:

  • Changes to accounting standards like revenue recognition and lease accounting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Employee benefit plan consulting
  • Estate planning
  • Evolving federal, state and local tax laws
  • Personal tax planning
  • Succession planning for family businesses
  • Tax credit analysis and nexus studies

Organizational Consulting

Frazier & Deeter’s Arch + Tower team provides a wide variety of organizational consulting services.  We help you create better experiences for customers and employees, wrapping both in rigorous operational performance.

We’ve helped some of the world’s best brands with services focused on:

  • Brand Experience
  • Employee Experience
  • Strategic Advisement
  • Multi-Departmental Strategy
  • Project and Process Management
  • Selection and Hiring Processes
  • Analysis and Discovery

If you’re trying to enhance your customer experience, give us a call to find out how we can help you implement sustainable change.