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Fraud Prevention

W-2 Scam Lures Businesses into Releasing Employee Information

September 25, 2017

The IRS has issued a dire warning to businesses and nonprofits—don’t respond to e-mail requests for employee information without confirming the source—even if the request comes from within your own company. Here’s why. In the latest scams, an HR staffer... Read More

Trending: Tax Scams

March 7, 2016

Creative con artists have a variety of tax scams they utilize this time of year. If you get a request via a phone call or an email that asks for personal information that is supposedly from the IRS you should... Read More

Busting Accounts Payable and Disbursements Fraud

October 2, 2013

The noted bank robber, Willie Sutton, was once asked, “Why do you rob banks?” Legend has it that Sutton’s response was, “Because that’s where the money is.” Not unlike banks, the accounts payable and cash payments process within any business... Read More

The Fraud Prevention Garden

August 21, 2013

8.21.2013 David Sawyer, leader of Frazier & Deeter’s Forensic Accounting practice, takes a look at the conditions that help fraud thrive, and how to “weed out” the bad seeds. Among investigators and criminal profilers with whom I work, there is... Read More