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FD Women’s Program

Supporting Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Our brand promise is Investing in Relationships to Make a Difference, and the Frazier & Deeter Business Women’s Leadership program is one of the many ways we invest in relationships. The goal of the FD Women’s program is to support women executives and business owners by helping them share ideas, connect with their peers and uncover strategies and resources that will help them achieve their goals.


Live events and webcasts are the core of Frazier & Deeter’s Women Business Leadership Program. Events offer thought-provoking and inspirational information to women executives through a variety of formats. Many of the events feature a panel of women discussing business topics that are not in any way gender-specific.


Frazier & Deeter also provides support for important initiatives in our communities that support women’s entrepreneurship. We believe that investing our time and funds in women entrepreneurs helps spur job creation that drives the growth of our economy.

A Top Firm For Women

Frazier & Deeter is delighted to have been named a Top Firm for Women in the U.S. Our firm was ahead of the industry in offering flexibility that helps parents balance the needs of work and family. This flexibility has helped us assemble an amazing team of female partners.