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    Sales & Use Tax

    Sales & Use tax can be complicated to understand. State and local tax authorities have varying tax rules and exemptions and both buyers and sellers can unwittingly apply tax in situations that should be tax exempt. Your company may be overpaying thousands of dollars each month and not even know it.

    The State & Local tax specialists at Frazier & Deeter can help you identify and recover these overpayments and help you avoid overpaying your sales & use tax again in the future.

    Are you a Manufacturer?

    Many states provide generous sales & use tax exemptions & incentives to attract high paying manufacturing jobs. Given the frequent changes to state tax laws, some manufacturers are unaware of their state’s tax exemptions & incentives. Frazier & Deeter’s Sales & Use tax team can help you identify areas of opportunity based on the current tax rules.

    Is Your Company a Capital Intensive Operation?

    Companies such as lumber mills, steel mills and chemical manufacturers that have millions of dollars in Property, Plant & Equipment are especially vulnerable to overpayment of sales/use tax.

    Are Your Monthly Use Tax Payments $10,000 or More?

    If so, your company is a good candidate for a review by an experienced Frazier & Deeter professional. We have performed hundreds of sales/use tax refunds over the years and often can identify refund opportunities.

    Curious to understand if you have an opportunity to reduce your tax bill? Reach out to our experienced team of specialists today via SALT@frazierdeeter.com.

    Practice Leaders

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