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    Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

    Understanding areas of risk related to environmental, social and governance issues has been a topic of discussion among leadership teams and boards for years, but the current business landscape has escalated this topic. Every organization now needs to have formal plans to address the call for sustainable operations, increased inclusivity and governance. Shareholder and stakeholders’ inquiries and actions have dramatically escalated risk that can impact business reputation and value.

    Value-based investing is here to stay.

    High profile situations like consumer boycotts make headlines, but they are only the tip of the iceberg. The workforce and investor communities have made it clear that value-based decisions have become the norm for a large percentage of our society. Consider these facts:

    • Nearly 90% of millennial investors were interested in pursuing investments that more closely reflect the values they hold. Source: Morgan Stanley
    • Global sustainable investment now tops $30 trillion—up 68% since 2014 and tenfold since 2004. Source: McKinsey
    • Investment managers such as Fidelity and BlackRock are pushing companies to increase diversity on boards; NASDAQ has set standards for diversity of boards of listed companies
    • 78% of Limited Partner investors want more emphasis on ESG. Source: Bain

    Charting your ESG strategy

    Every organization has different challenges and opportunities within the realm of ESG. Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives can add value and enhance your firm’s reputation, but what activities make sense for your unique situation?

    Our cross functional team of experts in Risk Management and Organizational Change can help you understand which objectives best align with your organization’s current state and long-term goals and define a path forward.


    For many businesses, especially real estate companies, the opportunity to reduce environmental impact is top-of-mind. But how do you measure impact in a meaningful way? And how do you report on progress?

    There are many frameworks in use and the lack of standards can be confusing. Frazier & Deeter’s certified SASB accountants provide advisory services related to Sustainability and ESG Reporting under the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), as well as other frameworks. Our team can help you arrive at metrics that are both meaningful and measurable to help you communicate to your constituents how your company is reducing environmental impact.


    Frazier & Deeter’s Process, Risk & Governance practice helps organizations of all sizes understand best practices and implement governance procedures in critical areas such as financial controls, privacy and human capital management. Our experienced advisors can help you understand areas of risk and opportunity and map a plan of action.

    Are you ready to accelerate your ESG progress?

    Practice Leaders

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