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    Could Your Cybersecurity Risk Management Program Become Your Biggest Competitive Advantage?


    Transforming sunk costs to a competitive edge.

    Billions of dollars a year are spent managing cyber risk, but security breaches remain an epidemic and continue dominate headlines. The average incident is not detected for more than six months which leads to extensive damage to an organization’s reputation, profits and people.

    Early identification and remediation of a cybersecurity incident should be a key focus of business owners, Senior Management and the Board of Directors of any organization. Early identification is the tool you need and your “in case of emergency” kit contains your Cyber Security Incident Response Plan.

    A Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan merges the strategic objectives of an organization with effective management responses to cybersecurity incidents. Until now, businesses have struggled to justify the expense of this business risk mitigation program as more than a ‘sunk cost’.

    The AICPA has recently issued guidance on an independent attestation of Cybersecurity Risk Management Programs which has become a game changer. This guidance will allow end users to compare the effectiveness of the programs of their suppliers and partners. The existence of this independent assessment by the AICPA has already been adopted by some of the largest corporate entities as a requirement for their business partners. This attestation gives businesses an opportunity to position their company as a superior provider based on their Cybersecurity Risk Management programs.

    Join our panel of risk advisors to obtain a deeper understanding of the competitive advantages of Cybersecurity Risk Management and the new AICPA attestation standard.


    Learning Objectives:

    • Identify the elements of a strong Cybersecurity Risk Management Plan
    • Demonstrate the purpose of a Cyber Incident Response Plan; key players
    • Introducing AICPA’s Attestation Standard Cybersecurity Risk Management Examination
    • Leveraging your investment in cybersecurity risk management
    • Steps in obtaining a competitive advantage

    Moderator: Sabrina Serafin, Process, Risk & Governance Practice Leader

    Panelists include:

    • Celia Baker, President, IntelliGRACS Group, Inc.,
    • Jack Healey, Chief Executive Officer, Bear Hill Advisory Group
    • Bill Godshall, Quality Control Partner for Assurance Practice and Head of SEC Accounting and Auditing Services, Frazier & Deeter

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