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Women Business Leaders

The Era of Women Led Businesses

April 12, 2013

Is this the era of women-led businesses? A March 2013 study published by American Express offers some impressive statistics. Women running their own businesses comprise an important trend driving economic growth. A March 2013 study published by American Express found... Read More

Women Entrepreneurs

October 26, 2012

Are women entrepreneurs different from their male counterparts? There are statistics that indicate there may be real differences. Only 3% of woman-owned businesses ever pass the milestone of $1 million in revenue…this may sound bleak, but only 6% of male-owned businesses... Read More

Women entrepreneurs sharing insights

October 19, 2012

This week Frazier & Deeter and the Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs organized an event for female entrepreneurs. Peers, a panel & productive networking, what more could you want? While there was nothing terribly original about the event format, the energy... Read More

Entrepreneurs – characters that feed marketing and revenue

September 5, 2012

Welcome to our new entrepreneur blogger: Moira Vetter of Modo Modo… They say behind every successful so-and-so is a successful so-and-so. That’s true. But the successful one out in front is probably a character. A passionate, focused, infectious one…with a plan.... Read More

The Dream Team or a Nightmare – Part One

August 26, 2012

Guest Blogger Cliff Oxford of Entrepreneur Advisors discusses his real life experiences in a three part series regarding a key point in the growth of a company. Where, when and how do you find the right people to take the company... Read More

The Dream Team Saga Continues

August 15, 2012

Guest blogger Cliff Oxford of Entrepreneur Advisors watches the dream team transform into a nightmare. August 22, 2012. So my company needed to add structure to grow to the next level and I was excited to have hired a complete... Read More

F&D Blog The road back from the Nightmare on Corporate Street

August 10, 2012

Guest blogger Cliff Oxford of Entrepreneur Advisors wraps up his three part saga of hiring in a Dream Team to grow his business… I had hired in the Dream Team  – a group of executives from large, highly successful companies... Read More

Inspiring Women…

July 19, 2012

Frazier & Deeter’s second season of Inspiring Women events starts right after the Olympics…in the meantime we’re already being inspired. We began this program last year, working in conjunction with the Atlanta Dream WNBA basketball team. Last year the program featured some amazing speakers, and... Read More

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