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Women Business Leaders

[Blog] Women Crushing Through Barriers and Paying It Forward

June 7, 2018

I recently went to see RBG, a documentary about an intelligent, determined, tiny woman blazing a trail to reach the absolute apex of her profession. Her response to the discrimination she faced in her career was to make a quest... Read More

The CFO as Chief Creative Officer

May 16, 2017

We ring in the new year with observations from our entrepreneur blogger Moira Vetter, CEO of Modo Modo Agency. Moira’s topic this month is a different view to the role of the CFO. In this market, there are few positions... Read More

Women Owned Business and the Million Dollar Hurdle

May 16, 2017

Recent statistics show that only 3% of the 7.8 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. have revenues over $1 million, compared to 6% of businesses owned by men. So what does it take for women-owned businesses to exceed the $1... Read More

Making the Jump to CEO

November 14, 2016

Earlier this month Frazier & Deeter CPA and the law firm of Morris, Manning and Martin offered a panel event featuring three highly accomplished women CEOs from diverse backgrounds. Panelists Dr. Amy Baxter, Founder and CEO of MMJ Labs, Mary... Read More

Leadership tips from the trenches

December 10, 2015

Frazier & Deeter’s marketing leader, Adelle Erdman, reflects on wisdom shared by six senior executives at the firm’s recent Women Business Leadership events. 4 Tips from the C-Suite Trenches It is fairly certain that anyone with whom I have lunch... Read More

Not another Ladies Luncheon…

November 11, 2015

Adelle Erdman, Frazier & Deeter’s Director of Marketing, reflects on the need for programming for women senior executives and business owners. When I changed jobs 3 years ago I found myself involved in a corporate Women’s Initiative for the first... Read More

Women Seeking the C-Suite

October 6, 2015

This week Gina Gondron talks about tools and rules that every female can embrace to better herself, not just personally but professionally. Three years ago, as part of my MBA studies at the University of Georgia I wrote an Independent... Read More

One woman’s perspective on retaining women CPAs

November 3, 2014

Studies show that women are entering CPA firms in record numbers. But what are the factors that will keep talented women in public accounting as strong, successful leaders? The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts that the accounting profession is... Read More

Growth Game Changers

May 16, 2014

This week F&D had our latest entrepreneur event: Growth Game Changers. The executives on the panel represented businesses at different stages of maturity that have followed different growth trajectories. Modo Modo Agency was named one of the fastest growing women-lead... Read More

A day in the spotlight women led business

September 26, 2013

Last Friday was an important day for women business owners. Two things happened that made us want to take a minute to focus on women-led businesses on our blog. In Atlanta, an exciting group of women entrepreneurs arrived at Frazier... Read More