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Would an ESOP Work for Your Company

May 25, 2015

Like hemlines and hairdos, employee stock ownership plans (or ESOPs) have had their ups and downs in terms of popularity. For owners of manufacturing and distribution companies seeking an exit strategy, it’s worthwhile to consider whether an ESOP might work... Read More

Turnaround Lessons Learned for Going Concern Management Teams

April 1, 2015

Turnaround professionals work with underperforming companies across different industries that find themselves in financial difficulty. Today’s guest blogger, Jim Wanserski, takes a look at some of the consistent themes he’s seen surface in his work with turnaround clients. These are... Read More

Tax ID Theft

January 5, 2015

It’s the biggest and most prevalent tax scam happening right now – and the peak season is just around the corner. We’re talking about tax identity theft and refund fraud. This scam has become a big problem due primarily to... Read More

Spin offs and the art of thinking like an entrepreneur

February 25, 2014

An astronaut, a miner, a daredevil and a navigator walk into a Big Corporation… It’s the corporate version of the New Year’s Resolution — only this “battle of the bulge” is a quest to become a nimble entrepreneurial organization, one... Read More

Working with Private Equity Quality of Earnings

June 28, 2013

This blog series examines best practices for CEOs and CFOs who are considering a private equity transaction, culled from working with hundreds of transactions across all industries. The third topic in our series about working with a PEG is Quality... Read More

Best in Atlanta Real Estate

March 1, 2013

Last night was a big evening for the Atlanta Real Estate community. Over 400 people gathered at the Fox Theater’s Egyptian Ballroom to honor some of the biggest real estate deals of the past year. The keynote speaker, Henry Chamberlain,... Read More

Employee vs Independent Contractor

January 19, 2013

IRS program allows for payroll tax relief…but concerns continue. About a year ago, the IRS launched a program that allows employers to resolve past worker classification issues by voluntarily reclassifying their workers as employees rather than independent contractors. Under the... Read More

SEC approves PCAOB standard for Emerging Growth Companies

December 19, 2012

The leader of Frazier & Deeter’s Public Company Audit and Advisory Practice, Bill Godshall, discusses AS 16, the first auditing standard issued by the PCAOB and approved by the SEC since the JOBS Act was signed into law. This week the SEC... Read More

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